Big Raven -1931

Big Raven -1931

EMILY CARR (1871-1945)

Emily Carr is quite possibly Canada's most famous female artist.  She was born in Victoria but traveled to San Francisco, London and France in order to pursue her passion.  She was captivated by wild west coast rainforest and the indigenous communities that populated its shores. 


Living a creative life was not always easy even for Emily Carr.  After some neagtive feedback she gave up painting completely for many years of her life.  She was a quirky and eccentric woman who was more comfortable in the company of animals than she was in the company of her peers. She would be shocked at her success today.  

Our first unit in Art 11/12 will explore the compositional and emotional style of Emily Carr.  We will be drawing and even painting outside (if possible) to explore and communicate her inspiration.

Here is more of her work....